Professional High Precision & Repetition Engineering

  • Turned or milled components made to exacting standards
  • Production using metals of all types and engineering plastics
  • Work taken from final drawing stage, ready to move to production

We specialize in CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Welding and Precise Fabrication.  We manufacture using metals of all types including steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium as well as in engineering plastics.

Design and Pre-production

Attention to detail at every stage enables us to produce uniformly high quality components and products that fit precisely to your specifications.  Client supplied drawings must be at this level of accuracy and precision and where needed, we work with the client to modify the design in order to achieve a more refined or efficient product.


Yann Engineering offers a timely and efficient turn-around once accurate drawings are provided and signed off.  Using a comprehensive range of latest design CNC lathes and milling machines, we can offer a wide range of cutting and machining solutions up to the highest levels of complexity to meet today's exacting standards of precision, speed and efficiency.   Our ongoing machine and cutting tool replacement program means that problems associated with the use of out-dated machinery do not occur in the Yann Engineering Precision environment. 

From selection of raw material supplier through production to final dispatch, every step is subject to our exacting, high quality, precision driven standards of excellence. 

We have a highly skilled, creative and dedicated workforce with a diversity of knowledge enabling Yann Engineering to get the most from our latest generation machinery.  Machine excellence coupled with highly refined operator expertise results in high quality products of a consistently high standard.